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Soccer Lamdenship is a skills-based game integrated in the network for the generation of transactions, prizes, items and more..

KickOff Rules

The first match will last 24 hours so that every player can enjoy the experience.

Initial pot will begin with 2,500 TAU!!

Players have a 4% chance of winning an item, items will be visualized in the marketplace.
Items will be tradeable in the marketplace.
Items won’t be able to be used until October 19, 2020.
Remember to add a nickname if you wish.. as they are unique and only one person can use it

Soccer and Wallet

In order to play, the Soccer Dapp will ask for access to your Lamden wallet which will generate a special account for the management of your balances; Afterwards you will need to send your TAU to your newly created account to be able to interact with the marketplace

Soccer Home

Inside of your stats you’ll be able to check:

  • Pot Won
  • Matches Played
  • Goals Count
  • All Time Best Score
  • Your Soccer Point's
  • And More..

How to play

Soccer Lamdenship is a skills-based game were you will have 15 chances to score a goal. Each goal will reward you with 100 points, having several goals in a row will make your points multiply.

Soccer Home
The goalpost is divided in 15 areas, each area possesses a unique strike percentage for each goal, the ones marked in green have the highest probability for a goal. The player that has the highest number of points during the time of the match will be awarded the accumulated prize (TAU).

You can try as many times as you want, the first opportunity to enter to a match will cost you 100 TAU, after each new attempt that you make in that match you will only need an additional 20% (20 TAU).

Every match is 2 hours long, the pot obtained during that timeframe is the prize that the winner will receive. For every 1,000 obtained points during the game, we will award you 1 Soccer Point that you’ll be able to use later to buy stuff.

Devs Rewards and Soccer Coin(SC)

Each player obtains 1 Soccer Point (SP) for every 1,000 points scored in a match. Additionally, the match winner receives 100 SP extra, these SP can be utilized in the marketplace to purchase exclusive items like seasonal footballs, team emblems and wallet badges. Also, you’ll be able to redeem these for Soccer Coin (SC) for every 500 (SP) you’ll be able to obtain 1 (SC) of which you can trade for Devs Rewards (TAU)

There are only 2,500 soccer Coins(SC) circulating. Soccer Coins are burned when redeem, thus providing more value in TAU to the existing supply.

NFT Items

Every player has the chance of winning items!! Each item has unique random stats. During the 5th, 10th and 15th strike the chances of obtaining them will be activated.

Soccer Home

The items possess stats and rare qualities, like accuracy, multipliers and strike comeback which will help you in your match when you use them.

Soccer Home
Every obtained item will be commercialized in the marketplace, you can receive or spend TAU trading your items with other players!!
Soccer Home Soccer Home